ECUSTA Admission requirement is based on the Ministry of Education’s admission policies. The admission is based on the results of ...

Academic Program

1. Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
2. Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory
3. Bachelor of Information Technology

Fund Raising - ECUSTA High Officials

In collaboration with the Friends of ECUSTA in USA, The Chancellor of the catholic University and the Secretary General of Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat undertook a high profile Fund Raising Visit in USA between 12th October an 16th November 2013. The Ethiopian Catholic University of St. Thomas Aquinas (ECUSTA is) is currently engaged in the accelerated development of its permanent Campus (the 1st phase construction of 11 buildings) and the gigantic task of establishing the two major additional Academic Programs - the School of Technology and the School of Health Sciences.

In order to effectively respond to the challenges posed, a high-level delegation consisting of His Grace Archbishop Berhaneyesus D. Souraphiel CM, the Chancellor of ECUSTA and Rev. Abba Hagos Hayish CM, Secretary General of the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat made extensive working visits to major US Cities to articulate the objectives and operations of the University for which fund raising campaign has been conducted. The highlights of these visits comprised:
1. Meeting and interacting with officials of relevant institutions.
2. Visits to various institutions – state, public, private and religious.
3. The official recognition and honoring of H. G. Archbishop Berhaneyesus D Souaphiel CM - with the 2 awards of President Medals, from Niagara University and St. John’s University, New York.

ECUSTA project with its noble cause of high quality University education, received great appreciation and support by all potential donors. All promised to establish relations and to extend help in any way possible - assistance in Student, Faculty and Research exchange.

Europe Visits

Another important fund raising campaign was conducted in Europe by Fr. Tekle Mekonnen, President of ECUSTA and Mr. Walter Panzeri , Project Director from October 28 to November 15, 2013.

The highlights of their visits included:
ECUSTA delegation together with Friends of ECUSTA in Italy, led by Archbishop Silvano Tomasi (Nuncio Geneva) had the opportunity to be present at the Regular Wednesday Papal Audience; it was an honor and blessing for the delegation and ECUSTA President had a personal interaction and received Papal blessings.

Met with Dr. Lorenzo Borghese of International cooperation Bambin Gesu Hospital (Rome) and sought support for ECUSTA in Academic program (curriculum for Health Sciences. ECUSTA delegation also visited Brescia University where they had useful discussions with the officials for a possible future partnership through signing of an MOU.

St. Egidio Community: They discussed issues relating to possibility of conducting a Workshop or a Seminar in Addis Ababa on Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding. Had Follow up discussions at Padua Catholic University, with focus on MBA in Global Business and Sustainability Social Entrepreneurship.

Their final visit was to the Padua University to follow up and strengthen the already established relations – School of Technology at ECUSTA. With continued communications and collaboration with Friends of ECUSTA, local and global (on fund raising campaigns as well as exchange of academic programs, ECUSTA is committed in working hard to get fully involved in sustainable operations and achieve its set goals.